When To Enroll In Medicare

Medicare has important deadlines that you need to be aware of during your initial enrollment period. Missing those deadlines could mean gaps in coverage, penalties, and limited options when it comes to selecting a Medicare Supplemental Plan.

Many people are aware of the age 65 start date for Medicare, however, it’s not uncommon for individuals to work past age 65 and have health insurance coverage through their employer or through their spouse’s employer. For many of these individuals working past age 65, they are often surprised to find out that even though they are still covered by an employer sponsored health plan, depending on the size of the employer, and the insurance carrier, they may still be required to enroll in Medicare at age 65.

In this article we will cover:

Enrollment deadlines for Medicare
When to start the enrollment process
Effective dates of coverage
Special rules for individuals working past age 65
Medicare vs. employer health coverage

Video: Medicare Supplemental Plans (“Medigap”) vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

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