Retirement Account Withdrawal Strategies

The order in which you take distributions from your retirement accounts absolutely matters in retirement. If you don’t have a formal withdraw strategy it could end up costing you more in taxes long-term, causing you to deplete your retirement assets faster, pay higher Medicare premiums, and reduce the amount of inheritance that your heirs would have received. Retirees will frequently have some combination of the following income and assets in retirement:

• Pretax 401(k) and IRA’s
• Roth IRA IRA’s
• After tax brokerage accounts
• Social Security
• Pensions
• Annuities

As Certified Financial Planner’s®, we look at an individual’s income needs, long-term goals, and map out the optimal withdraw strategy. In this article, I will be sharing with you some of the considerations that we use with our clients when determining the optimal withdrawal strategy.

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