Q&A Episode #1 | Amazon FBA & Side Hustles

Welcome to the first Question and Answer live stream on Debt To Dollars. Topics covered on this video relate to Amazon FBA, e-commerce, side hustles, and achieving financial freedom. I will be hosting these once a month going forward!

Hi, my name is Josh and I focus this channel on turning side hustles into financial freedom. Subscribe if you’d like to learn more.

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0:00 Introduction
0:58 What Amazon marketplace is best to start in?
2:09 Amazon seller & inflation in 2022
3:00 How to organically generate reviews on Amazon / Request a review
6:18 Do I create my listing before or after products ship from China?
8:15 How to ship to nearest Amazon FBA warehouse
9:29 Is it necessary to advertise on Amazon?
10:54 Strategies to sell fast on Amazon
14:32 Thoughts on retail arbitrage / online arbitrage?
15:47 Does barcodemania work on Amazon in Canada/US?
16:45 Should I ship to myself or directly to Amazon FBA?
17:56 Best stores for online arbitrage?
18:11 How to remove inventory from Amazon | create a removal order
18:58 Do I need to create a storefront on Amazon?
20:01 Should I use supplier photos on Amazon?
21:33 How many units can I send to Amazon?
23:05 Alibaba Trade Assurance and third party inspectors
24:11 Amazon wholesale: is it worth it?
25:40 Join our mentorship program!
26:40 Need product research done for you?

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