New RMD Rules 2020+ – IRA Required Minimum Distributions

When Congress passed the SECURE Act in December 2019, not only did they change the start date of RMD’s from age 70½ to age 72 but there were also other changes that were made to IRAs that taxpayers need to be aware of for years 2020+. In this video we will address:

1) The new age 72 RMD start date
2) People still subject to the age 70 ½ RMD start date in years 2020+
3) How RMD’s are taxed
4) How RMD’s are calculated
5) April 1st exception
6) RMD Deadlines & IRS Excise Tax
7) Changes to Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD)
8) Tax strategies
9) Impact of Traditional IRA contributions past age 70 ½ under the new rules

This is the link to our article on Qualified Charitable Distributions referred in the video.

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