How To Retire Early Using Side Hustles – COMPLETE Course

It’s been almost a year since I retired early at 26 (FIRE Movement) using side hustles along with my saved assets. I have now compiled EVERY step into this course for you to follow. Through this scenario-based learning course, you’ll be able to follow “Sid Hust” along his journey on finding, setting up, and improving his side hustle until he’s achieved financial independence in order to retire early. Apply these same steps to your side hustle in order to determine when you’ll be able to retire from it!

Hi, my name is Josh and I focus this channel on turning side hustles into financial freedom. Subscribe if you’d like to learn more.

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0:00 What Is The FIRE Movement?
1:25 Who Is This Course For?
4:10 What This Course Will Teach You
4:46 What This Course Won’t Teach You
6:10 Who I Am & How I Retired At 26
14:21 “Sid Hust”
15:38 What Is Retirement?
16:37 Side Hustle vs. Hobby
18:06 Side Hustle Examples
18:43 Why A Side Hustle?
20:18 What Makes A Good “Side” Hustle?
21:45 Finding Your Side Hustle
25:58 Setup Your Side Hustle
27:48 Most Popular Side Hustle Business Structures
28:20 Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC vs. S-Corp
29:20 Business Taxes, Naming, & Filing
31:24 Bank Account Setup
33:23 Business/Operating Model
35:28 Analyzing Sid’s Business Model
37:44 Sid’s First Month Takeaways
39:23 Continuous Improvement (CI)
40:34 Using CI To Improve Sid’s Side Hustle
43:53 Improved Business Model Breakdown
44:31 Sid’s Improved Business Results
46:38 Expert Tips (Find – Improve Chapters)
50:14 Basic Level Business Finances
51:42 How To Tracking Income & Expenses
52:52 Profit Margin Meaning & Target
54:52 Profit Margin Equation
55:15 Calculating Your Profit Margin
59:05 Calculating Sid’s Profit Margin
1:01:19 Return On Investment (ROI)
1:02:23 Was It A Good Investment?
1:03:57 Using ROI To Compare Investments
1:05:37 Take A Break!
1:06:01 Expert Tips (Finances Chapter)
1:08:27 Start of Retire Chapter
1:09:10 Habits Make Or Break Us
1:09:40 When Can I Retire?
1:10:44 What Does Your Lifestyle Cost?
1:11:20 Calculating Sid’s Lifestyle Cost
1:12:12 Reduce Your Lifestyle By 25%
1:12:57 World of Americans
1:15:10 How To Reduce Your Lifestyle Costs
1:18:45 Sid’s New Lifestyle Cost
1:20:07 How To Increase Your Side Hustle Income
1:23:10 How Much Revenue Does Sid Have To Generate To Retire?
1:26:38 Most IMPORTANT Tips (Retire)
1:30:14 What’s Next?

I am not a financial adviser and topics covered in this video are to be used for entertainment purposes only. I do not claim any right over any of the graphics, images, songs used in this video. All rights reserved to the respective copyright owners.

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