How To Make Money On Amazon Selling BLANK Notebooks & Journals | BookBolt & KDP

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It’s easy to make money on Amazon selling blank notebooks & journals – yes BLANK. By using BookBolt, a software to help you research and create low content books, you’ll be able to sell your publications on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). This tutorial covers step by step how to use BookBolt, create a low content book, and upload it to Amazon KDP.

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0:00 What Is BookBolt?
0:59 How Does BookBolt & Amazon KDP Work?
2:04 Sign Up For Your BookBolt Account
3:00 BookBolt Cloud Feature (Product Research)
5:41 Researching Low Content Books
8:30 Analyze Top Keywords
10:30 BookBolt Designer Tool (Creating The Cover)
18:13 BookBolt Interior Tool
20:34 Create Your Amazon KDP Account
21:20 Uploading A Low Content Book – Details
27:49 Uploading A Low Content Book – Content
31:12 Uploading A Low Content Book – Rights & Pricing
33:59 BookBolt Pricing Plans & Discount

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