FAA VIRTUAL TOWN HALL OCT 20th FOR SPACEX IN BOCA CHICA – All presentations speaking in opposition.

This video is a little different format than usual. You won’t hear from us at all. Instead, we are going to let the voices of Boca Chica residents speak loud and clear with their opposition to the planned expansionist activities of Musk And SpaceX in one of the most environmentally sensitive and important ecosystems in North America.

These are the voices that need to be heard:

0:51 Sharon Almaguer, Post Isabel TX Resident
3:41 Molly Smith, South Padre Island TX Resident
6:23 Claudio Hernandez, Boca Chica TX Resident
9:23 Victoria Guerra, Friends of the Wildlife Corridor
12:21 I, Capulet @icapulet
12:52 Bill Berg, SaveRGV
15:49 Elwyn Syriens, MIT Researcher
18:19 Dian Umpiere, Geologist
21:00 Paul Mamakos, Brownsville TX Resident
22:08 Craig Naser, South Padre Island TX Resident
25:16 Russell Sutton, SpaceX Fanboy/Biologist
27:58 Kenneth Teague, Costal Ecological Scientist
30:58 Christopher Phelan, Corpus Christi TX Resident
34:11 Melissa Martinez, Houston TX Resident
37:18 Craig Casper, South Padre Island Resident
39:38 Common Sense Skeptic @c_s_skeptic

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