Combining finances after marriage

Let’s talk about combining finances! In this video, I share how Josh and I combined finances after getting married, how we both funded our wedding and honeymoon, and several tips for you!

This is part of a new series I’ll be doing called Coffee n’ Cash, where I do impromptu videos while drinking coffee and talking about money. ☕️ 🤑

Anybody else terrified of video and criticize the hell out of themselves? 🙋🏻‍♀️ This is my challenge to myself to get over that fear! The videos will be done in one take with no piecing video together. You’ll see my after thoughts, comments, or corrections in the little pop-ups. Kind of like pop up videos. 😜

Hope you enjoy the video and all my quirks! How did you combine finances with your spouse? Was it an easy transition?

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