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The Amazon product opportunity explorer tool is one of the best research tools out there for finding new product opportunities. Oh yeah, it’s free! This tutorial will explain how to gain access to this tool and how to effectively use it.

Here’s how to gain access:
1) Email [email protected] and request access to the product opportunity explorer tool
2) Provide them your Merchant Token for your account to accelerate the process (2:01 in this video)
3) Wait a couple of weeks until you receive a response on approval

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0:00 What Is The Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer?
1:00 How To Gain Access | Product Opportunity Explorer
2:16 Finding A Product Opportunity By Category
7:53 Finding A Product Opportunity By Search Term(s)
9:32 Jungle Scout, Google Trends, or the Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer?

↪︎ More information on the tool:

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