14 Decisions You’ll Never Regret Making

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Decisions are hard. Before settling on a choice, you have gather information, weigh the benefits and pitfalls, think about the possible outcomes, and a bunch of other arduous tasks before settling on a choice. Some decisions come more naturally, while others require a great deal of brain processing. And many times, that final decision is not clear-cut. In today’s video, we’ll explore some of the choices that might be difficult for you to settle on, but will never regret making them, in hindsight. Enjoy!

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⏱ Time Stamp:

00:00 Introduction
00:45 Choosing happiness
01:25 Deciding to treat yourself better
02:00 Saving a part of your income
02:35 Prioritizing your education
05:23 Consuming less alcohol
05:59 Putting in your best effort
06:22 Planning for retirement early
06:57 Spending time with the people you love
07:31 Quitting smoking
07:47 Being more active
08:42 Being kind
09:07 Saying no more often
10:03 Being present
11:01 Eating Healthy


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