13 Interesting Psychological Facts About Dreams

Have you ever wondered if you dream at all? And I know that it’s kind of a silly question, but it’s no surprise that a good number of the country’s population has reported having no recollection of ever dreaming after a good night’s sleep. Today I’ll be dishing out some psychological facts about dreams you never thought possible. Things like how every human has about seven different dreams per night. Even if you don’t remember them, why do nightmares awaken us from our sleep? So stay tuned to find out some of the psychologically fascinating things about dreaming you’ve been dying to know. Enjoy!

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Time Stamps:
(00:00) Start
(00:35) Men and women dream differently.
(01:57) Everybody dreams
(02:55) Not all dreams are colored.
(03:42) You can control your dreams.
(04:37) Negative dreams are more common.
(05:26) Your pet also dreams.
(06:07) Blind people dream visually.
(06:31) Our days inform our dreams.
(07:25) Longer dreams occur in the morning.
(08:02) Entering another person’s dream
(08:30) Violent dreams are a warning sign.
(09:14) You can’t read while dreaming.
(09:39) Dreams get more complex as the night unwinds.

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