12 High Paying Unorthodox Jobs

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase countless times. Work hard in school so that you can secure a good job, which will lead to a comfortable life. And although, they are other alternatives to make a living, getting a job is still the best and most preferred means to do so. Nevertheless, some people on this same earth are making an admirable income doing very strange jobs. That’s why in today’s video, we’ll be looking at the 12 most unorthodox jobs which surprisingly pay decently well. Enjoy!

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Time Stamps:
(00:00) Start
(00:32) A New Car
(01:10) Professional mourners
(02:12) Embalmer
(03:06) Portable toilet delivery drivers
(03:43) Live mannequin
(04:42) Dog food taster
(05:07) Rent a friend
(05:07) Snuggling buddy
(05:59) Bed warmer
(06:35) Furniture tester
(07:22) Golf ball diver
(08:42) Paper towel sniffer
(09:25) Sewer flusher

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